/> Witchblood: June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cover Reveal

Finally I feel like I'm getting somewhere! I hope you like the cover, I think it juxtaposes the innocence of the young girl well against the deadly background!

Here is the Synopsis:

Nobody who enters Ravenwood school will ever be the same again.

Fifteen year old Brooke has been in care all her life. Now she finally has an adoptive family who don’t want to send her back to The Home; but their solution for her problems is much more dangerous.

A secret boarding school for possessed children. A boarding school where any unnatural behaviour will be stamped out. A boarding school with no escape; where witchcraft is punished and vampires are murdered in the sunlight.

Brooke is the only one with the power to escape the security wards, yet she must find a way to help them all before it is too late.

And here is a brief snippet:

‘Run! I’ll catch you later. Oh, and Brooke, don’t admit to anything! Ember wouldn’t want you to get in trouble and you really mustn't let the old witch think there’s even the tiniest chance you can get through those wards. Be careful!’ Blade whispered.

Brooke knocked on the door tentatively. The discussion with Blade had distracted her from her worries, but in the two minutes she stood waiting outside Mrs Willing’s room, Brooke had revisited them. Where were they keeping Brittany and Ember and when would they be allowed back to class? Erica’s words kept haunting her… punishable by death… and she had to keep shaking them away and telling herself she was being ridiculous.

Lastly here is the Goodreads link. I'd love it if you added my book to your lists and helped spread the word!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Let The Edits Begin!

Hoorah! I have finished writing Flying with Fire! I actually wrote 'The End' on Friday and have had a lovely weekend relaxing and catching up with some gardening. On Saturday morning we took the kiddies into Wells, which is the smallest city in England. It is so small in fact that it's population is actually smaller than most towns with a population of only about 12,000, whereas the town I moved from, Glossop has a population of 30,000!

I love Wells and luckily for me it's only about 20 minutes away; so we spent the morning mooching round the market and lazing on the green in front of the Cathedral... heavenly.

Yesterday I had an appointment in Bristol which is a big, vibrant city 40 miles away, so that took up most of my day. So today I am back at my desk. Until the first proof read is completed I can't do anything on the manuscript so I'm going to design the front cover today, and if I get time I shall write a synopsis so that I can upload it onto Goodreads. Keep a look out on Goodreads as it should be up this week with a publishing date.

Also I have finally managed to change the name on my Facebook page; so the weblink is the same, but the title is now 'Emma Mills, Author', instead of 'Witchblood the Novel'. In case you haven't liked it, here is the link so you can keep up to date with all my news.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nearly There...

Last week was half term which we split spending half the week at my mum's house on the Isle of Wight in Freshwater and the last half of the week at home in Somerset. Fortunately we had some half decent weather the first half of the week and the last half was pretty much rained out... which was good for our new seeded lawn!

This week however the kiddies are back at school and I am back writing. My deadline for the first draft is Friday 20th June giving me almost three weeks to finish. This Friday's target was to reach the 60k mark and with my hubs away in London yesterday I got cracking and broke my personal best. I did 4000 words in a day which for me is amazing! Once or twice I've done 3.5k, but normally I do 1500 and I aim for 2000. So I was really chuffed. I was going to blog last night, but my head was killing me LOL from all the brain strain! 

I think I channelled J.K :D