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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nearly There...

Last week was half term which we split spending half the week at my mum's house on the Isle of Wight in Freshwater and the last half of the week at home in Somerset. Fortunately we had some half decent weather the first half of the week and the last half was pretty much rained out... which was good for our new seeded lawn!

This week however the kiddies are back at school and I am back writing. My deadline for the first draft is Friday 20th June giving me almost three weeks to finish. This Friday's target was to reach the 60k mark and with my hubs away in London yesterday I got cracking and broke my personal best. I did 4000 words in a day which for me is amazing! Once or twice I've done 3.5k, but normally I do 1500 and I aim for 2000. So I was really chuffed. I was going to blog last night, but my head was killing me LOL from all the brain strain! 

I think I channelled J.K :D

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