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Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year: New Book: New Series

Happy New Year!

Yes, I've not vanished from the face of the planet. I just took some time out!

I have a couple of New Years Resolutions this year, do you? My husband and I have been married for 11 years and we have lots of love and trust, but somewhere along the way we have lost some of the fun, do you know what I mean? So my main resolution this year is too laugh more. Instead of us flaking out in front of the TV post 9pm I want to play a game once a week, chat more...

So Resolution One - Have more fun!

Resolution Two is about my writing. After 6 months off I am ready to get going, and I know the series I want to start writing. It will be another Young Adult / New Adult crossover series (like Witchblood) but this one is more apocalyptic than supernatural. I know Dystopian fiction has been there, done that, but I honestly think I've thought of something new and fairly original. I'm quite excited about it. I'm not sure it would be classed as Dystopian... more apocalyptic. Its not going to be set 100 years into the future anyway. Like Witchblood it will be familiar to the reader. The locations will be real. Like Witchblood, I'm going back to writing in 1st person, but this time I'm going to try dual POV and alternate chapters. It depends how well I can create two distinct voices. Fingers crossed I can pull it off!

Here is a little teaser photo I found on the web that I have pinned to my inspiration Pinterest board!


  1. Just wondering if you are going to write more for the witchblood series? ?

    1. Currently I feel like I have gone as far as I can go with The WB series. If I ever think of an original, interesting plot line for it I may resurrect it, but I don't want to just churn more books out and lose the quality. I have read so many book series where they go downhill after book 3 or 4 and it just feels like the writer is doing it to make money.x

  2. I couldn't agree more and I'm glad to yhear you say that. Some of my favourite characters have been tarnished by the one plus book to many. I'm very excited to hear more/to read the new book.