/> Witchblood: May 2015

Monday, 11 May 2015

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

So here I am again apologising for not updating the blog and generally being a rubbish author! 😉

I haven't got any excuses except for the fact that life just seems to constantly get in the way, and as the DIYer of the family buying a new house last year has filled up my days! The last two months has been taken up with redoing the family bathroom and trying not to despair when everything went wrong! I'm still not done. The plumber I hired was rubbish, so now I have another coming to fix the issues! Hopefully it will be sorted this week... I really hope so because the following week we are going on holiday and I have a lovely couple coming to stay in our house and look after all our menagerie!

I WILL write another book. I WILL do it this summer! I'm determined! It may be the new series I made a start with or it may be a WitchBlood sequel... I had another idea for a book! The ideas are there, I just need to make the time!