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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Time Flies...

When you're having fun... And also when you're not! It also seems to constantly be on an upward trajectory. Each year goes faster than the last. In January I had a mild freak out when my eldest child turned 10! Today we were visiting a secondary school open morning, in preparation for submitting her senior school application next month! I watched her as we walked around the school, sauntering along behind me, her arms linked with her friends, chatting and completely unaware of how 'ready' she looked. Sometimes I watch her and think 'how on earth can she be ready for senior school?' But today I saw it, she was composed and confident. She amazes me everyday and it baffles me how my colicky baby turned into this beautiful, funny creature.

So this post isn't about writing, truth is I'm not writing at all this week. Time is flying by too fast; I have another open evening to attend tomorrow, I have guests arriving on Thursday and I'm going to Barcelona on Friday. My writing is important to me and I'll get back to it next week, in the mean time I'm going to ferry my kids all over the area to various activities and try and catch every special moment, file it away and catch extra cuddles while I can... Talking of which I can feel a Halloween party moment coming on!

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