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Friday, 6 November 2015

Blood Baths, Death and Time Travel

Ha! I'm liking that title! 
So it's been a while since I blogged, but you'll be glad to know that I have been writing and I'm heading into the home stretch. I've just reached 60k words and I'm finishing chapter 20. I'm hoping to finish the first draft at the end of next week, so keep a look out for celebratory, giddy blog posts, before I get stuck into the drudgery of editing! 

 To get back to my title it is referring directly to this book. It is quite scary and there are some deaths, but I promise to do my best not to break your hearts (mentioning no names, but looking at Allegiant sitting on my book shelf!!) I am also putting a call out to book bloggers. If you have a book blog and or post reviews to Instagram, facebook or any other social media site and would like a free digital ARC of WitchWar please get in touch. Ideally you will have read the previous books in the series but I think you'' be able to pick it up as there are brief reference points for new readers and it is set ten years on from the last book anyway. If you would like copies of the previous books let me know! I will be running a Blog Tour early January and will get ARCs out before Christmas so you have plenty of time to read. 

 Looking forward to hearing from you! Find me on Twitter & Instagram under @EmmaMwriter or on my Author page on FB.

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