/> Witchblood: December 2015

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

WitchWar: Available for Pre-order

I can't believe I did it! I am all finished just in time for Christmas! WitchWar has been edited, re-read, edited, read, and edited again, before finally uploading to Amazon and Smashwords. It should be available to pre-order at all your usual digital haunts.

Today I have been arranging some promotional editorials for the blog tour and designing the tour banner. What do you think? It still takes me hours on GIMP but I think I'm getting better!

I have a week of book blogs already signed up, but if you are a book blogger and would like to join the tour, please let me know and I'll send you the information.

If you are a WitchBlood fan, please pre-order WitchWar and help me hit the charts running on January 8th!

As I probably won't blog again before Christmas, I would just like to wish everyone a 'Happy Holidays'. I hope you all have a lovely time and find stockings full of books!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Final Month Countdown!

I have just been through all the edits my amazing Beta readers found; so massive thanks to Kim, Claire and Marley...  love you guys!

WitchWar has now been sent off, for its final proof read and I hope to get it out to bloggers for review, by the 14th! At the same time I will be making it available to pre-order and with some luck all is good for a publication date of the 8th January.
After my little competition last month to guess who the character is on the cover of WitchWar, I can tell you that Jane, aka Treat-Fairy-Jones is the winner for correctly guessing it was Ariel. Jane, I will be sending you a copy of WitchWar at the same time as the bloggers... an early Christmas present!

Talking about Christmas, I must dash as I have a ridiculous amount of things to do! Keep in touch on the FB page, I always enjoy messages and posts!