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Tour Schedules

8th January   -  What's Beyond Forks     Review
                         The Avid Reader            Promo
9th January   -  Caffinated Diva              Review
9th January  -   Lily's Korner                  Promo
10th January -  Kingdom of Books        Interview
11th January -  Bedazzled by Books      Promo
12th January -  Vamps and Stuff            Promo
13th January -  Lynn's Book Reviews    Review
14th January - Fictional Candy              Promo
15th January - Bex n Books                   Promo
19th January - The Avid Reader            Review 

Mon 22nd Sept - What's Beyond Forks
Tues 23rd Sept - The Avid Reader
Weds 24th Sept - Bookish Treasures
Thurs 25th Sept - Gingerly Pale
Fri 26th Sept - Dark Readers
Sat 27th Sept - Witchblood the Novel

4th         Witchbloodthenovel.com 
5th           The Caffinated Diva   
6th                 YOPPUL Blog  
7th           Chicklish     
8th           Phenomenal Paranormal Reads   
9th           Author Dianna Hardy
10th         Waiting on Sunday to Drown
11th         Death, Books & Tea
12th         Author Juliet Madison
13th         Vamps & Stuff
14th         Whats Beyond Forks 
15th         Author Katlyn Duncan
16th         Lynns Book Reviews        
18th         Fictional Candy
19th         Author Tom Winship    
21st         Author Aurelia B Rowl
22nd        Paperback Princess
23rd         Once Upon Twilight  
24th         Bex n’ Books  
25th         Bookish Treasures
26th             Dark Readers    
28th         I Heart Books 
29th         The Avid Reader 
30th         Bookish Treasures       

WitchBlood Series Tour 
March 4 - April 12

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02/14/13  Witchbloodthenovel
02/15/13 Chicklish
02/16/13 Lynn Worton
02/20/13 Fictional Candy
02/23/13 Bex n' Books
02/25/13 The Avid Reader
02/26/13 Dark Readers

Title: WitchCraft (Witchblood Series: Book 3)
Author: Emma Mills
Publication Date: Feb 14th, 2013

With the reappearance of a lost love, Jess flees to the only people who can help her control her increasing powers and gain independence – her family’s coven. But with a bruised heart can Jess learn to forgive or will she find new love in the United States? Witchlove, the third installment of the Witchblood series, is a new adventure that takes Jess from New England to Voodoo country in the South.

Author Bio

Emma Mills
Hi, I'm Emma. I am happily married with two lovely children. I have always loved reading and writing and after much debate decided to self publish my debut novel Witchblood in January 2012, the sequel Witchcraft was published in June 2012 & WitchLove is the third installment.
I began writing paranormal YA fiction after aquiring an obsessive love of supernatural teen novels...yes I'm a Twilight fan...I decided to write my own supernatural story based here in Manchester in the UK, near where I live and grew up. Except I couldn't decide whether to write about vampires or witches, so I chose both! In the High Peak it's often dark, windy, cold and very very wet... and easy to get inspiration!


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